Global Business Development

  • 인도 중소 제조업체 및 수출 업체 정상 회의

    [인도 중소 제조업체 및 수출 업체 정상 회의] 일 시 : 2018 년 9 월 1 일 장 소 : Hotel Sheraton Grand, Pune 웨비오 이승원대표님은 인도의 중소기업 개발 회의소 초대로 Hotel Sheraton Grand, Pune에서 주최 한 "인도 중소 제조업체 및 수출 업체 정상 회의"에 한국과 인도의 중소기업 발전을 위해 참석하셨습니다!! 웨비오는 한국과 인도의 중소기업

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  • 랜드마크 해외사례조사

    [랜드마크 해외사례조사] 일 시 : 5월 31일(수)~6월 3일(토) 장 소 : BedZed(London, UK), Turning Torso(Malmo, Sweden) 웨비오 이승원대표님은 영국(BEDZED TOWN)과 스웨덴(Turning Torso)으로 랜드마크 벤치마킹을 위한 사례조사를 위해 직접 방문하여 현지의 랜드마크 사례에대한 인터뷰를 진행하셨습니다~!! 웨비오는 해외 우수 랜드마크 설립의 애로사항, 애로사항 해결방안, 랜드마크 운영 등에대한 유용한 정보를 얻어 국내 랜드마크 사업에 기여할 것입니다~!!

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  • MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017 in New Delhi

    MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017 in New Delhi 2017.04.06~2017.04.08 인도 최대규모인 국제 의약품/의료기기 전시회가 개최되었습니다. 이번 전시회에 부산테크노파크와 부산지역 의료기기 기업들이 참가하였습니다. 인도를 포함한 전세계 많은 바이어들과 다양한 관련 신제품을 만나보실 수 있습니다. 웨비오는 한국 의료산업 기업들의 해외시장진출을 지원하고 있습니다.

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  • India opens doors to Korean Medical Equipment companies

    Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi, September 12, 2016:- The recently concluded Medicall Expo in Pragathi Maidan, New Delhi created a brand new platform for Korean Medical Equipment companies to launch their products & services in India. Wevio Global, which represented the Korean companies, helped establish business relationships between the two countries and played a key role

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  • Auto Expo 2016 helped to extending the relationship of India – Korea Automobile Industry

    Korean auto component makers that participated in the recently held Auto Expo Components Show 2016 felt that India is a strategic manufacturing hub & marketing partner for them to export automotive components to global markets. Many Korean companies participated in Auto Expo with the aim of extending their relationship with Indian companies by means such

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  • Business Strategies for Small Businesses
    5 Business Strategies for Small Business

    The global economy is not in a stable position. Several country’s economy, throughout the world are in a turmoil position. Greece, Venezuela, Yemen, Pakistan are all in big trouble. Uncertainty looms over much of the big players, such as US & China, too. These are testing times indeed for small businesses. Despite the problems and

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  • Business Development Ideas
    Innovative and Effective Global Business Development Strategies

    Business Development procedures and strategies direct not only small and medium sized organizations but also to global businesses through development by focusing on outstanding challenges that include advertising and promotional activities. Successful and smart Business Development Managers can help new organizations to explore new opportunities and also by helping them to be successful and productive.

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  • Effective Global Business Development & Marketing Strategies
    Effective Global Business Development & Marketing Strategies

    There has been tremendous growth for professional global business development consulting firms that help provide customized solutions for the implementation and formulation of global business development strategies. With their proven methodologies, they assist their clients in managing and creating strategic alliances and relationships with other organizations that include research institutions and multinational companies. Some of

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  • Traits for a successful Global Business Development Manager
    Traits for a successful Global Business Development Manager

    Global Business Development Managers work to generate, expand and develop new opportunities related to their specific businesses and it may vary depending on the industry and the company. An ideal global business development managers’ tasks include; product development marketing, presentation and meeting with new clients. The manager requires excellent skills in the areas of economics,

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  • skillset for global business developement professionals
    Skill Sets for Global business development Professionals

    Every business that plans to succeed by sourcing products from developing countries has to understand the challenges of international deal making. This includes the cultural aspects of the particular country they want to source products from. Businesses with healthy budgets are good enough to employ professionals who are experts in negotiating deals in the global

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  • The practice of Social Media among Global Businesses

    Social Media has lot of impact on the Global businesses due to its excellent and intrinsic features. Global businesses that are well focused and understand the importance of social media have always been effective in reaching their customers quickly. The also achieve these results at very low cost compared to traditional methods of marketing. The

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  • Recent trends in global business development
    Recent Trends in Global Business Development.

    Due to the rapid development in the Internet and other communication systems global businesses have undergone a major change in the way they operate their business operations. By focusing on their strengths and working on their challenges businesses globally have been successfully adapting to the dynamic market conditions. Let us focus some of the recent

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  • Global Business Development Solutions
    Global business development

    Everybody that has aims of beginning a business or expanding out a current business globally will understand how difficult that is these days. With the advancement of web presence and many different promotion styles and strategies, for new businesses to develop globally is a major challenge and that is the reason it is critical to

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  • International Business Development Consultants
    Benefits of hiring international Business Development Consultants

    Businesses that are looking to expand globally have a number of things to consider. In turn which they have to build upon to create well planned strategies that will ensure them even greater success. International Business Development Consultant International Business development consultant works in a business environment supporting new entrepreneurs. They help in a multiple

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  • Rules of Branding
    Rules of Branding

    Branding can be a daunting task it is necessary for any designer. Implementation can be harder than planning however, a good plan will help get your there. Making sure you do the branding section Brand Hypothesis Getting into the fabric of your brand. Seeing what is happening on a macro level will help a brand

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  • focus on your customers
    Focus on your Customers to make your Business Successful.

    New research finds that the difference between successful businesses and underperforming ones often lies in the way they treat their customers. In fact, companies that fail to focus their cultures, strategies and employees on pleasing customers are encouraging failure, according to a study from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and the American Management Association

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  • Benefits of Global Business Development

    Besides the benefits and advantages, Global business development is the need of the hour. Operating business globally is an art and a challenge that is well rewarded. Though global business development and its related strategic factors are important to any country’s economy, there are many other benefits.   Some of them include:- Decrease in support

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  • Wevio’s international delegation story

    Over the last three years in cooperation with HIRPE as a Government Project Wevio has attended the Canadian, New Zealand Boat Show, Shanghai Automechanika, Genova Boatshow, APPEX and a few international exhibitions in Korea. As a result Wevio has acted as a bridge between HIRPE and overseas institutions. We have cooperated with the Ontario Ministry

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  • Wevio Global Partnership Story: MOU With The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at Gujarat Auto Show 2014

    On November 2014, Wevio signed an MoU with CII Gujarat at 2014 Gujarat Auto show. Wevio and CII Gujarat have discussed future relationships between Korean automotive companies and the Indian OEM market and promised to be a bridge for Korean/Indian companies to expand their market into each other’s countries. During the meeting the two parties

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