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  • common seo mistakes
    Critical SEO Errors to Avoid for an E-Commerce Website

    When it comes to the development of an e-commerce website, the main thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the developers needs to take care of basic guidelines which avoid horrible mistakes that will negate all their hard work. It is essential to follow some general tips and guidelines in order to

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  • Facebook Likes
    10 Tips to Increase your Facebook Likes

    Facebook page likes are important because they help us increase our blog traffic. People need to be lured to your fan page. And there are some good and bad ways to go about doing this. Below are 10 Tips to Increase likes to your Facebook Fan page. Email existing prospects to let them know you

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  • yelp local listing
    Top 5 Local Business Listing Websites

    Local Business Listing is a must when you have a business with a physical location and expect your customers to visit. You will need to take care of location-specific SEO requirements for your website apart from other Organic SEO strategies. More than 20% of Google Search is local, as Google and other major search engines

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  • e-commerce metrics
    5 Metrics that has to be checked for an e-commerce Website

    The internet has an infinite amount of benefits, but one in particular that has wholly disrupted business operations. See, the “WWW” allows for equal and fair access to websites, which means that startups and small businesses are essentially on an equal playing field with their big box competitors when it comes to ecommerce. This makes

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  • Ad Formats 2013 - 2014
    Digital Ad Spending – Desktop Advertising vs Mobile Advertising

    According to the Survey conducted by IA, Search made up 50% of all digital ad expenditures last year in the United States. Marketing Land’s Survey about “Digital Ad Spend Hits New $49.5 Billion High in 2014; Mobile & Social See Greatest Growth.” While channels like social and mobile saw more growth, search accounted for most

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  • Landing page optimization
    How to optimize your Landing Page to get more Conversions and Sales

    Landing page optimization for is the process of creating well-designed pages for visitors and optimizing each element on the page in order to maximize the percentage of visitors that complete your desired goal. The ultimate goal of landing page optimization is to build pages that better engage your target audience so you can drive more leads

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  • Essential Social Media Tips for E-Commerce
    Essential Social Media Tips for E-Commerce Websites

    If you run an ecommerce website, chances are your customers – regardless of their age, gender or economic status – are active on social networks and social media sharing sites such as facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. Below are some statistics from a major social media monitoring site Pingdom: Males and females almost equally use social sites

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  • Tips for Building a Mobile App for your E-Commerce Website

    Mobile commerce is growing very fast. As per the eMarketer report, mobile-driven online sales in the U.S reached $2.12 billion in 2013 and to $62.2 billion in the next three years. And this goes without saying that mobile apps will be playing a very important role in this phenomenal development. Therefore, business owners are moving

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  • Major Marketing Strategies for your e-commerce website

    All E-commerce Industries have different marketing approaches for their websites. Some Industries prefer offline marketing tactics whereas others keep their tactics exclusively online. When it comes to online marketing, there are many opportunities that you can choose from. Some online marketing methods directly target customers who are looking for your service, whereas other methods are

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  • Tips to Growing as an Online Mobile Marketplace
    Tips to Growing as an Online Mobile Marketplace

    Online marketplaces are the fastest growing and most innovative trends out there. Creating a mobile marketplace has even more potential to impact established markets because “the smartphone amplifies these opportunities, as the Internet’s connective tissue now extends deeper and deeper into an industry with the participants connected to the marketplace 24×7,” says Bill Gurley at Benchmark Capital.

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  • improve your conversion rate
    Improve Your Conversion Rate

    Conversion Rate is used to measure the number of visitors to your website that end up buying products. Some websites main goal is to increase traffic. This is a fairly shortsighted strategy. You could have million visitors a day but in the end if you are not converting these visitors into customers the amount of

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  • beginner guide to social media marketing
    Beginner Guide to Social Media Marketing

    Social Media undoubtedly is the most popular way for people to interact and communicate online. Any small, medium sized business or a Giant company with effective Social Media Marketing strategies can be successful. There are many social media tools like Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and many more. For any start up business

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  • Google Adwords vs. Facebook Marketing

    Is Facebook Advertising different from Advertising on Google’s Platform? The answer for this question is yes. Google may have created more revenue in the past but facebook is overtaking them. Clearly Facebook is using a different advertising strategy from other sites. Facebook ads are much more flexible than Google Ads platform. You will be offered

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  • mobile marketing
    Trends and Benefits of Mobile Marketing

    It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about Mobile Marketing trends over the few years. With the change in technology and user patterns, making accurate predictions of even the near future is more of a guessing game than a practical exercise. There is value in trying to predict where technology will end up and

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  • email marketing
    Email Marketing Design

    Email Marketing is used to send a single message to several people sometimes thousands of people. It is permission-based and your readers must choose to receive your newsletter and they should understand why they are receiving it. Most email service providers like Gmail or Yahoo! Limit the amount of emails you can send at one

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  • Rules of Branding
    Rules of Branding

    Branding can be a daunting task it is necessary for any designer. Implementation can be harder than planning however, a good plan will help get your there. Making sure you do the branding section Brand Hypothesis Getting into the fabric of your brand. Seeing what is happening on a macro level will help a brand

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  • Why Social Media Marketing so important ?

    Why Social Media Marketing so important?   Social Media Marketing is undoubtedly, one of the most powerful and effective strategies of marketing for small, medium and big enterprises and it is highly cost effective. Globally Social Media Marketing has witnessed an aggressive growth rate and also many business globally are making huge revenues with its

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  • Why should you choose Search Engine Optimization Services?

    Having a wonderful website with excellent user friendly features and design will definitely help your business but the challenge is moving in the long run wherein you have to generate more business revenue through online visibility and there comes search engine optimization. For any user on the internet the element of time is very important

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  • Branding for small and medium sized businesses.

    Branding is a process related to marketing that you can use to establish a brand name for your products and services of your company. To increase the value of your products by gaining customers trust, it requires a good and strong brand identity for your products and by doing this you can naturally increase your

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  • Why to opt for Digital marketing services?

    It is very important to know how digital marketing services can help your businesses as internet users are growing for every minute globally. Traditional and new business owners like small, medium and big and their brand managers are now not only exploring Digital Marketing services but also opting for it.   To understand the gist

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